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Photo Reference versus Memory

In my quest to find myself along the long and windy road of art, I decided to paint from memory today, rather than continually be looking through my photos to see what could possibly inspire me. I really enjoyed this, as I found I could include as much of the beach as I wanted. Having… Continue reading Photo Reference versus Memory

Narrawallee · Original Art · Watercolor

Colour versus mud

My goal through my painting today was to keep my colour as clean as I could, although I still like a vast range of greys which inadvertently could be called mud. It's hard to know! I kept my palette to a minimum with 3 colours: cobalt, pure yellow and alizarin crimson with a touch of… Continue reading Colour versus mud

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Back to basics

I find it so easy to get wrapped up in my "painting straight-jacket". Then all of a sudden I'll decide to strip it off and actually enjoy the process of creating and painting again. It's as though I feel I need to please, but then who am I pleasing, if not myself? So, it took… Continue reading Back to basics

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Finally I am stripping myself of the straight-jacket I've been wearing for years ! I used to think, that I had to put a lot into a painting, to make it worth something, only to realise that the more spontaneous and free it was, the better it would be. It's quite a paradigm shift to… Continue reading Freedom

Beaches · Narrawallee · Original Art · South Coast · Watercolor

Hopefully a bit looser

Watercolour is so intensly challenging! Well, for me it is - I am trying so hard to become looser, as I understand the beauty of watercolour is in its simplicity! But I am enjoying the journey, as I realise that every "fail" is just one step closer!