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Kookaburra Portrait

I had a lot on today and was unsettled as I really wanted to paint something. When I finally got to the stage, where everything else now took the back seat I decided to paint a portrait of a Kookaburra. With my mind still spinning, I didn't do a practice sketch but plunged straight onto… Continue reading Kookaburra Portrait

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Photo Reference versus Memory

In my quest to find myself along the long and windy road of art, I decided to paint from memory today, rather than continually be looking through my photos to see what could possibly inspire me. I really enjoyed this, as I found I could include as much of the beach as I wanted. Having… Continue reading Photo Reference versus Memory

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Zebra Finch Couple

We were visiting our grand kids on Easter Sunday and were so lucky to see all these Zebra Finches. I just had to paint some. These two are clearly in love .... and they actually do mate for life! Watercolour and ink on 7" x 5" Das Watercolour 300gsm paper

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Willie Wagtails

I spent Easter Monday finishing off my sketch of Willie Wagtails. They are very intense fast little birds, and their tails flit rapidly from side to side. This particular sketchbook doesn't take to watercolour, so I used my Elegant Writer pen and some gouache.

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A duck

Today I sketched a duck, unfortunately not "plein air" but from a photo I took in Tasmania under the Richmond Bridge. I was very mindful though of the skeletal structure. I find it fascinatingly productive to visualise the skeleton, which you can "Google", and base the sketch on it. When you look at the bone… Continue reading A duck

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Two’s company, three’s a crowd!

Wrens would have to be my very favourite birds. We still have plenty of them around and their distinct chirping is frequently heard all around the place.  This is a trio of Superb Wrens with the male being the brighter, colourful one with the blue, and as you can see, one of the males is… Continue reading Two’s company, three’s a crowd!

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Plan B

I realized early this morning that I had placed the Rainbow Lorikeet too high and the more I studied it the more I knew there was no room for the second bird! I had the option of starting again or making the most of the one I already had, so I chose the latter. I… Continue reading Plan B