Welcome to my blog! My little haven where I can share my thoughts passions and creations with you!

My name is Anica Amphlett and I’m a self-taught artist living on the South Coast of NSW Australia, married to my encouraging husband Laurie with 4 adult children between us and nine adorable grandchildren.

Even though I wasn’t given the opportunity to study art in my youthful years the passion for it never died, only had some dry spells when life simply just got in the way!

Some might remember me for my prints of Australian birds, animals and flora. In the year 2000 I painted a series of 23 paintings of “happy” birds, as I call them, and animals. Limited edition prints were made and literally thousands were sold all over the world.

After careful soul searching I finally know why I paint!

I paint because I want to convey emotion and make people happy when they look at my art! It’s hard to pinpoint emotion in a painting, but you feel it when it’s there… this could be conveyed in the twinkle of an eye, or light, movement or depth. No matter what the subject is, subtly expressing emotion is always the challenge and ultimate goal. These elements spell life and hope for me and hope you feel something when you look at my art as well.

I choose the theme of nature as it is calming, soothing, all living and alive! The birds fly and see everything, farm animals enjoy care-free green pastures until the day they feed us, trees keep secrets, some for hundreds of years…if only they could speak!

Another reason I paint is that this form of meditation is better than medication! (Something similar about those two words… lol :-))  I have a tendency to depression and anxiety, and painting will always be the go-to for some sanity!

Thirdly, if I can make you happy with my creations, it is my greatest pleasure to make it possible!

I paint in watercolour, acrylics, gouache, pastels and oils, with watercolour being my favourite. I am inspired by everything in nature, forever chasing the light, and simply adoring the power of the Australian sun!

An Award Free Blog: My biggest reward is in sharing with you …

Thanks for stopping by,  hope to share more moments with you!


  1. Hi Anne! I’m really excited to find your blog site and I see a heading re you painting your way around New Zealand! I’m from Dunedin and love to find good NZ and Aussie blogs. Yours looks fantastic and I’m so looking forward to exploring your blog and enjoying your posts. And you’ve done a wonderful ‘About’. Really awesome! And, oh wow, you’re at my site too. Best wishes, Anne!

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  2. Hi Anne! Your blog is really inspiring! I’ve recently started a journey very similar. I’ve only been taking my photography seriously for about a year, but I am blogging about the process and how it is shaping who I am. It’s refreshing to see you take a similar approach. Your photography and paintings are beautiful, as well as your down to earth writing style. Thanks for sharing what you do!

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    • Thank you, Kelly! I decided to edit my previous reply as I didn’t think it read well enough to convey to you how inspiring I thought your blog was! I really appreciate your comments on mine and look forward to reading many more on yours!Keep up the good work and happy travels along this familiar road! 🙂

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  3. Absolutely love your pictures Anne. Would you mind if I tried painting some of them at all? Is your studio set up yet, I will be visiting your area in a few weeks time


    • Hi Therese, Of course paint your heart’s content! 🙂 My new gallery/print and gift shop doesn’t have a studio, at least not a painting one. My small area comprises of computers and printers and framing. I squeeze my painting in morning and night and occasionally with an early mark’ but I look forward to seeing you – open 7 days! 🙂


  4. Hi Anne! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award! I was not sure if you had been previously nominated for this award, but your site was one of the first ones I thought of. The details are in a post on my blog, please let me know what you think!


    • Hi Brandon, Thank you so much for nominating me for the Liebster Award! 🙂 As much as I fully appreciate your nomination I am struggling accepting as I am snowed under with my new gallery/studio. But thanks so much again!!! 🙂 ❤


  5. Hello Anica!

    I’m just dropping you a note to let you know I nominated you for a “Very Inspiring Blogger” award.

    Now you don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to accept it. Its only my way of recognizing what a great job you do on your blog.

    If you do want to follow up and accept this “award” then you can find my post about it with all of the steps to follow. The post is on my own blog and you can find it here: http://wp.me/p47ccR-1KQ

    All the best to you and hoping for continued success on your blogging path.

    Douglas ( http://moorezart.wordpress.com )


    • Hello Douglas!
      Wow! Thank you so much for this nomination or “award”, I have obviously never had one before! I have looked at your post. Should I “copy” the format and change with my own wording or do you suggest something else!?
      In the mean time, I am chuffed: excited, humbled and ready to nominate others! All the best to you and I enjoy reading about your featured artists!


      • Dear Anica, this is great news. I do love your blog and your photography! Yes just copy the format! That’s what I did. Have an excellent weekend! Best to you, Douglas


      • Hi Douglas, I wonder if you can help me out with some advice!? Naturally I am super grateful for your nomination of this award, bit I have found myself so busy with the setup of our new business, that I am exhausted. I am struggling to find people to nominate as many don’t accept awards.
        I would really appreciate your thoughts! Many thanks, Anica 🙂


      • Well I certainly know this feeling and situation well. It took me some time to pull it all together when I was nominated. As far as I’m concerned you can take as long as you need, really. And if you find you only have a few other blogs you can name, that’s fine by me as well. In reality the recognition is to honor YOUR work and YOUR blog. So if you decide you simply aren’t in a position to do it at all that’s perfectly OK as well! I hope this helps? Most sincerely, Douglas


  6. Hi, Anne! I’m so glad we’ve connected through Leanne’s MM – I absolutely love what I’m seeing on your blog and have happily signed on to explore the South Coast with you 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you in my Reader!


  7. Like your parting thought. I’ve found when posting photos that I suddenly see something that I quite missed at the time when I took it. That can of course be a little weird. Great photos here.


  8. Hello Anne, my name is Edwin Colón, I’m fronmPuerto Rico, the most beautiful Island of the Caribbean. I have been visiting your blog, it’s amazing. I’m a writer of novels, micro ans short stories and poems. If you wish and you give your permission I ‘ll love to write a micro stories inspired in your art pieces. Let me know and I ‘ll write and develop a story on the photo. Of course, putting your copyright and linking your blog, in order to promote your job and giving other the chance to admire your awesome art pieces. Abig hug my lady. 🙂


  9. Thanks for commenting on my photo on Leanne’s Monochrome Madness challenge which has brought me to your blog. Lovely photos and posts and I shall be staying around to see some more!


  10. I found your blog through your comment on Leanne Cole’s blog. Her topic about bloggers (especially photographer’s blogs) so many times not having any information about themselves on their blog. I love the fact in your “ABOUT” , you make yourself a real person, give a location, little about yourself and what you do. Hey you are a real person behind your ART.! I go to so many blogs, the only identity of the blog is hey they take pictures, sometimes fantastic photography, yet there is no personal information if I wanted to see about ordering a print, Nothing to say you know what makes the person shoot what they do. THANK YOU so much, for letting me know in your “ABOUT”page you are a real person with a real life and what you like about painting and photography. I am following you now.


    • Thank you so much, Mitchell! I have only been blogging for the last 2 months on WordPress, formerly just uploading some pics to Tumblr – and quite frankly, I had no idea what I was doing or achieving.
      I have learned so much here on WordPress: what to do, what is perhaps best no to do, and met so many like-minded beautiful people. Thank you for being one of these people!:-)
      Your comments are greatly appreciated! P.S. I have always been a basket lover 🙂


    • Hi again Mitchell, also, thank you for telling me where you found me, and it is great we have Leanne in common. She is such a wonderful giving soul. Giving of her time and knowledge – quite special! Bye for now :-), Anica


  11. Hi there,
    Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out my little corner of the blogosphere and the follow, your support is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to seeing more from you

    Have a great Day, 🙂



    • Hi Eddie, you are very welcome! Ireland seems to be a stunning historic place and you capture it beautifully. I haven’t been there yet, but would certainly like to one day. I will be looking forward to your posts. Best wishes, Anica


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