Art Cards for Bush-fire Relief

In recent weeks after the bush fires here on the South Coast of NSW, I have been painting art cards also known as ACEOs to raise funds for bush fire relief.

Initially after the worst of the fires, and even though our small area with a radius of about 5km was left untouched, I felt depressed, and like many others, helpless in the devastation of others. So many people had lost their homes, animals, and selves in the fires, yet we hadn’t. People all over the country suffered whether they had lost or not!

I collected 12 larger paintings reduced their prices dramatically and donated one hundred percent to our local Rural Fire Station. The money went to help the volunteer fire fighters and left me feeling like I had done at least something.

Then a fellow artist on Bluethumb, (a large Australian online art gallery) suggested we paint art cards. Although she prefers to stay unnamed, she was one of the initial founders of this movement in 2004. The idea is that artists paint these little trading-card size artworks (2.5″ x 3.5″) or (6.4cm x 8.9cm), sell them and donate at least $6 from each card to a worthy cause of their choice. Each little card comes with a certificate of authenticity and makes an ideal gift! These cards are also addictable and collectible and I can vouch for this, as I have started collecting them from fellow artists. I have chosen to donate my proceeds to our South Coast Animal Rescue Inc., a nonprofit organisation working diligently saving animals from death row.

These five little Superb wrens were an order from a customer who had already purchased a set of 5 sparrows (below).


  1. Your paintings are delightful. Thank you for the work you are doing. I’m glad that the trees are beginning to sprout in your area and that there is a little patch around your place that might be a refuge for wildlife.

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  2. These are wonderful, Anica … and the new set is even lovelier than the 1st one. Great work… I feel so sad about these bush fires and all those animals that got killed and all those people who lost their homes or got injured. My best wishes to you and everybody in Australia. How great that you did not let the depressive feeliings overhelm you and decided to put energy in this project instead.

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    • Immersing myself into painting, and raising nearly $1500 certainly lifted my spirits, and as karma goes without expectation of course, the more you give the more you get, so positive all round! Trees are already sprouting, but it’s the poor one billion animals that won’t just reappear! Thank you for your lovely and caring comment!

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