Tallwood Exhibition Part 2 of 3

In this part two I’d like to share how I came up with the theme and content for the exhibition.

Still bewildered I rummaged through my extensive portfolio of the good, bad and semi-interesting paintings piled up on the shelf for inspiration. My sister-in-law was visiting and as she perused through them all, said I should stick to water. Initially, I wasn’t sure how to take that, but agreed the idea had some potential. I started warming to the idea more and more as I strolled along the beach in awesome fascination of my surroundings.

A well known UK artist said to me once, look at things and take note of what fascinates you about them. I always remember that, so when it comes to water, there’s a few things that stand out. It could be the sparkle, the clarity, the colour, the shape of ripples not to mention reflection, oh and there’s also refraction, the squiggly lines on the sandy bottom on a sunny day, which is one of my favourites.

It wasn’t difficult to make this topic of water more interesting, as all I had to do was look around and find birds, animals, boats and of course lots of happy people enjoying our beaches.

Interesting figures on the beach seem to effortlessly write their own story, so I started to practice drawing figures. It’s actually easier creating figures using a paintbrush than a pencil. Laying down some shapes is a lot of fun, especially when you wait a moment, look at the figure and analyze what it looks like. Then you can tweak it, and wholah, there it is.

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