Chilling Out and Watercolour Contemplation


These two fishermen are chilling out, having a cold beer on their boat in the harbour, whilst I am sitting back thinking about watercolour.

I find everything to do with watercolour thoroughly exciting, challenging, nerve-wracking and sometimes rewarding! In fact, every attempt at it is rewarding, because no matter what the result, it is a step closer to a better result. And the fact is, I believe, you just have to go through these steps.

For me it starts out as a puzzle, as I need to analyze and figure out how to approach the painting. In regards to this painting, I took a different approach to the colours. It was a studio piece from my recent photograph. As with most snapshots, the dimension and feel just isn’t there. I decided to go with the complementary approach and chose orange and blue. In addition to the first two colours, there was only a tiny bit of yellow, a tiny bit of pthalo blue and a little white gouache to restore some highlights.

I was quite happy with this combination as it worked well for the sand-stony rocks and native trees. I’m not big on painting figures, so I’m quite happy enough with these two thirsty characters. In fact, boats are a new thing too, and I’m looking forward to giving them another shot with one of the many beaut boats in our harbour.





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