Painting my way ’round New Zealand

It has been the best two weeks ever! I’ve enjoyed every moment, especially being able to pull out my paints and paint to my heart’s content! There are 10 little paintings/sketches all A5 in size, approximately 6″ x 8″ in watercolour. Mostly they are views directly from our motorhome! My husband Laurie goes to a lot of trouble to ensure we park with the best possible view, which isn’t always easy, but he’s done a great job!

Ashley Gorge-New Zealand
Our first night was spent at Ashley Gorge on our way over the mountains to the West Coast.
Baby lambs_New Zealand
Little baby lambs can be seen everywhere along side their Mums, frolicking through their ever so green pastures!
Jacksons Retreat-New Zealand
Jacksons Retreat, a beautiful place to stay in the mountains of the West Coast, New Zealand
Hokitika-New Zealand
This is a replica of the “Tambo” one of 42 shipwrecks on the Hokitika River Bar between 1865 and 1982. We admired this beautiful boat whilst having lunch and watching the high seas.
Glendhu Bay-Wanaka-New Zealand
Glendhu Bay, a special holiday park on the banks of Wanaka Lake. I spent my time painting, whilst other adventuring individuals plunged into the 12 degree water!
Surat Bay-Caitlins-New Zealand
So peaceful down south at Surat Bay, at the mouth of the Caitlins River. Just us, a few other campers and huge sea lions relaxing on the beach. Males can weigh up to 500kg!
Leith Valley_Dunedin
Parked right along the banks of the Leith River and this awesome view only metres from our motorhome.
Royal Albatross_Dunedin
My dreams came true when I sighted a magnificent Royal Albatross. This was in Dunedin on the remote Taiaroa Head Peninsula, where there is a protected breeding colony for these beautiful majestic birds. They can have a wingspan of up to 3.6metres.
Spotted Shags_Oamaru_New Zealand
Wow, what a congregation of Spotted Shags on a wharf in Oamaru on the East Coast of the South Island. They are about 70cm in length have 2 tufts on their head, spots on their wings and found only in New Zealand.
Aoraki_Mount Cook_New Zealand
My last little painting of the trip is of the majestic Mount Cook (Aoraki in Mauri). This was the actual view straight out of our motorhome. A could’ve sat outside, but enjoyed the comforts of sitting on our comfy rear lounge. Oh, the joys!


  1. Those are some incredible paintings! You should someday do a time-lapse video of your painting process. That would be so much fun to watch! Really glad I found your blog. Hope to see more and more of your work. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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