A pair of chooks

I really had my heart set on painting some chooks this week. Not having a chook pen close by to sit in and watch these beautiful creatures go about their day, I had to rely on some photos I had taken a couple of years ago.

The first is a hen and the second a rooster with his feathery tail. I guess what I liked most about this project was the fact that I gave myself the freedom to do some detail work, which I actually love and let loose in other places, something which I am warming to more and more.

I cut some mounts for them today and slipped them into frames, I had been holding onto for a while. Photos were taken without the glass to avoid excess reflection and glare.

Painting sizes are 7″ x 9″ on Arches 300gsm CP paper with 3 primary colours all of which were different brands. Yellow was Daniel Smith, red was Schminke Horadam and blue was art Spectrum. I really liked Daniel Smith’s Azo Yellow, as it was the only yellow I have used recently, that didn’t continue to run all over my palette box if tipped over.Chook-pair






  1. oh my gosh, these two cocks are beautiful! (the immature part of me is giggling lol)
    Such details! So smooth. Beautiful colour! I love the blue strokes beside the right side one! πŸ™‚

    These would be amazing in a country kitchen or cafe or something πŸ™‚

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