Spring Daisies

I’ve been loving Spring! The weather has been glorious, and today’s deep blue sky was without a cloud. The blossoms are out, and there’s a real buzz in the air! My husband and I went for a walk on the beach, then home to finish my painting.

I just love daisies and these were beckoning to be painted.

In the last week or so I have taken myself back to basics and have engrossed myself in colour combinations, exploring different palettes and their possibilities.

These daisies were painted on Arches 300gsm cold-pressed, approx 27cm x 37cm, using several layers of masking fluid and soft washes. The anticipation of removing masking fluid is both exciting and daunting as it reveals the next chapter in the process. Some gouache came to the rescue and I was quite happy with the final result.Daisies-in-rockery-ig



  1. Some bits were manner too promiscuous and needed redundant colour, and some spromiscuously tinted snowy gouache came in ready to hand(p) to stopping point off the daisies. thank you for taking the sentence to reply.

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  2. give thanks you for taking the clock time to answer. Some bits were manner too loose and needed special colour, and some sloosely tinted blanched gouache came in handy to finish off the daisies.

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    • Hello Holly,
      I’m with you, wanting to move too fast! Yes, it is fun, but a bit of patience pays off. This was my second attempt at this painting, as the first was done in haste! Hair dryer in one hand, dim lighting, and throwing paint around left right and centre.
      I actually liked the first attempt enough to give it another go.

      Firstly I planned to use a combination of blue green and some violet, knowing I would be adding in some yellow as an accent. I did a broad light wash of yellow, silvery (blue-green) light leaves and some pink. Then I masked out the most of the daisies and a layer of leaves, then added a slightly deeper wash all over. I continued this 4 or 5 times. Then it came to removing the masking fluid. Exciting and scary at the same time. Some bits were way too light and needed extra colour, and some slightly tinted white gouache came in handy to finish off the daisies. It took me most of the day, but I was really glad I waited for the individual layers to dry. It makes all the difference!
      Anica xx

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