It’s been a wonderful winter this year with abundance of sunshine over the last few months, yet nothing beats the arrival of Spring. Snowdrops and daffodils are some of my favourite blossoms. Today is Daffodil Day and I felt inspired to paint a “Spring explosion”, and that’s pretty much what it is. I totally let loose on this one and used watercolour, ink, gouache and pastel.


My last painting before this one was on Sunday. This was 5 days ago. I also tackled daffodils, but my mind was still in Winter.




  1. They are like shooting stars-a star burst of happiness filled with sunshine.
    i am always brought up short by remembering your seasons are just the opposite of ours. Here the stars are fall asters. The woodland aster has carpeted our shady front lawn in the first “snow” of fall.

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    • Yes, Holly! You’ve nailed it; they were meant to be like shooting stars, but I just let loose without more planning, than just a mere thought and it made me happy after a day of anything but!

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  2. lf ink block is ground unevenly it shows have a poor state of mind.When words are written carelessly showing no respect this shows my state of mind has not been well. happy sunday and everyday has good day.

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