Willie Wagtail video and buying brushes

I really love zoning out in my zen world with these birdies. They make time fly as I practice and use up every bit of scrap paper around the place.

A good brush is really worth every cent and more, but if at all possible, ask to try it out in the store. Something I had never thought of, and wish I did, when I purchased a reasonably expensive brush in an art store. I was encouraged to buy it, then when I tried it out, the point just didn’t sharpen up. I was somewhat disappointed to say the least.

Then in another art shop, I was browsing through the brushes and told the shop assistant I would buy the brush, but didn’t want to be disappointed again, so she suggested I try it out! A little service goes a long way, and she’ll be seeing a lot more of me! I may have mentioned it before, but the brush I love so much, is the Alvaro Castagnet 0 (a pointed mop brush for watercolour).


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