Snowdrops take me back home

Snow drops-fb

I can’t remember a winter in Australia as sunny as this season. Although mornings and nights are understandably cool the days are filled with sunshine and many happy individuals have resorted to shorts and tee-shirts.

It’s just on the middle of winter and Snowdrops are covering the southern front corner of our garden. I just love them, with possibly the main reason being that they take me back to my youth and memories from Slovenia, my country of birth.

I spent my teenage years back in Slovenia in a village called Sencur. I have fond memories of our old stone built house, with its walls at least two feet, 60cm deep. A narrow path trailed alongside our neighbour’s enclosed garden, and this was the site of Snowdrops as I remember them. Thinking back it would have been in February when I’d find them peeping through several inches of snow. Just one of those memories firmly implanted in my heart.


  1. Same here! Snowdrops are always the first sign of spring in Switzerland. January or February is when they would first start to grow.
    It’s funny how the seasons are reversed in the northern and southern hemispheres. We’re in the middle of summer now!

    Kathrin —

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