Kookaburra on the Fence

Kookaburra Watercolour painting
Australian Laughing Kookaburra on Fence

Today it’s a compromise between looseness and detail, modern and traditional and just a bit of good old Australian outback with a Kookaburra on the fence. On this occasion I used Arches 300gsm hot-pressed paper and found it worked really well with such a subject. 27cm x 37cm


    • Thanks, I really like it for fine work such as birds. It is very forgiving, and the water tends to sit on the paper a little longer than on cold-pressed. Ps. I love Your work!!


    • Thanks, Holly! I have Arches smooth paper tucked away at the bottom of the drawer and now really like it! I also really like the fact that any masking fluid used is easily blended avoiding those harsh borders you often don’t need! I haven’t tried Fabriano HP yet. 🙂


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