Photo Reference versus Memory

In my quest to find myself along the long and windy road of art, I decided to paint from memory today, rather than continually be looking through my photos to see what could possibly inspire me.

I really enjoyed this, as I found I could include as much of the beach as I wanted. Having taken many photos of our beach, I knew I could never fit all the various facets of the beach in one photo unless it was a panorama, and still it wouldn’t work.

The painting itself could obviously be improved on, but I’m pleased with the result and my new liberated take on creating.

Fabriano 300gsm sketchbook 11.5″ x 8″

Narrawallee Beach-memory-wp


    • Dear Holly, your comments are always so encouraging and thoughtful! You know, I think it looks more like our beach than perhaps a photo does, not for its “greatness” but for the feeling and inclusions.

      I’m sure someone would think it might have been painted from a photo, only because of the way the mind sees and thinks versus what a camera can actually capture. Eg: the distant headland is about that size when you look at it. When a photo is taken and if you were hoping to include the trees by the steps, the headland becomes tiny etc…I’m really excited to be freer!! 🙂

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