Willie Wagtails

I spent Easter Monday finishing off my sketch of Willie Wagtails. They are very intense fast little birds, and their tails flit rapidly from side to side. This particular sketchbook doesn’t take to watercolour, so I used my Elegant Writer pen and some gouache.

Willie Wagtails-sketch


  1. I love every one of your paintings, Anica. When I commented last time, I was going to tell you that when I saw your first painting I had a mixed feeling. I enjoy seeing your photos, so I was a bit sad that I was not going to see them often from now on. On the other hand, I enjoy seeing your paintings a lot. Anyway, that was how I felt…
    I, on the other hand, want to learn painting, and have bought a lot of materials (more than I should), but at this point, I’m still having a lot of fun learning photographing and it seems like I can only do one thing at a time ;-( Oh well, maybe time will come.
    Have a wonderful day. Either painting or photographing, you are talented.

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    • Thanks so much, Helen! I know what you mean by mixed feelings, I go through them myself. I’m loving being passionate about painting at the moment and there is so much to catch up on and learn. Thank you for your encouragement which ever way I go! 🙂

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