Finding myself!

17 years ago I painted plenty of birds, we had limited edition prints made and lots were sold all ’round the world. So, I say: ‘”great”! , but then I had enough and didn’t want to paint birds anymore. I’m not sure why and then as a result of the tangled web we live in, otherwise known as life, I didn’t paint at all for many years.

But now I am all passionate about painting again! And after years of listening to my husband asking me to paint some birds, the penny finally dropped today, and I thought, why not! Not to mention that my recent little sparrows encouraged me as well!

One of the reasons I didn’t want to paint them, was all the detail I had bestowed upon them back in the day, and not wanting to do that now. Times change, we change and I thought perhaps it was expected of me. But as the penny dropped today, I thought, I can paint birds, the way I want to paint them, a little less detail, but hopefully capture their personalities. That’s what I’d like to do!

So here is my work in progress. It will be two Rainbow Lorikeets and some appropriate foliage. As I don’t have the patience to plan everything out at the start, we are starting with one bird! There will be another and some foliage and hopefully it will all blend in harmoniously.

Rainbows in progress-part1


    • Thank you so much! When you say “again”, do you remember the previous ones on black?
      I had a look at your site. What a wonderful resource for over 55s! 🙂


    • Thanks, Code! I have been photographing and drawing birds for a long time, so it doesn’t take that long to come up with a sketch/drawing. It took me about half an hour to have it where I wanted it. I don’t know if that sounds short or long to you ?! Then I painted it…

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    • Thank you Josh! You have a very interesting blog, I wanted to comment, but couldn’t find where to do it! I’ll have to go back and figure it out! 🙂


  1. Keep up the good work anice everything you paint is seen for what it is and also in a thousand different ways by different viewers. To me your woodland scenes evoke strong emotions from a woodland life long ago. Thank you .

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