Oh, no! Website neglect

They always say to keep on top of your website, it needs constant maintenance and updating. Well, this is what happens if you let it go:

I’ve been so busy painting lately I let my website, mainly filled with photography, sit on the back burner somewhat. Then a couple of days ago when I was blessed with Discover finding my “Sparrows on the Fence” I had heaps more visits to my blog, and also to my website.

But, according to Google Analytics the many visits to my website were of no avail, as they dropped off at the landing page, which was actually SPAM in a type of “Chinese” font. I say this with no disrespect to the Chinese language/font, just couldn’t find another way to describe it.

This was due to an oversight on my part, something to do with an old domain, which had expired, therefore my redirection didn’t go to my website, but to this random spam page.

So in summary, I have learned to keep on top of things, and if by chance you were one of the unlucky ones to have landed on the spam page, feel free to try again, as it is fixed.

Living and learning…


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