Colour versus mud

My goal through my painting today was to keep my colour as clean as I could, although I still like a vast range of greys which inadvertently could be called mud. It’s hard to know! I kept my palette to a minimum with 3 colours: cobalt, pure yellow and alizarin crimson with a touch of white gouache when needed.

I decided to eliminate the masking fluid on this occasion, as I find it leaves harsh edges, all of which need some softening later on. Anyway, every painting is a different exercise, so I have decided to be happy with today’s achievement and move on to the next.

Thru reserve to Narrawallee Beach-
Outlook across beach through Narrawallee Bush Reserve – Watercolour – Arches 300gsm approx 10″x 14″ (25 x 35cm)


  1. I love this painting. An unwritten tale of longing and hope, the vastness of the sea and the blooming trees. I feel like penning a story inspired by your painting.

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    • Thank you, Holly! Your comments are always so delicately encouraging! 🙂 Maybe the gouache really isn’t worth a mention as I only used it on some of the grass blades, none on the path itself. No masking fluid this time, as I find it so hard to see. I scratched the grass blades out and painted some negative shapes around them then gave them a dash of extra colour. Thanks again, Anica 🙂


  2. Well done. One of the reasons I stopped painting, so many years ago, was that I over processed the painting, inevitably turning it to ‘mud’. Having returned to it, with an understanding of colour from my photography, it’s yielding good results. I love your approach to this painting.


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