Back to basics

I find it so easy to get wrapped up in my “painting straight-jacket”. Then all of a sudden I’ll decide to strip it off and actually enjoy the process of creating and painting again. It’s as though I feel I need to please, but then who am I pleasing, if not myself?

So, it took it back to basics this morning and decided to start with colour wheels. I did several colour wheels, then decided to start a painting with a selection of alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue and pure yellow. Different brands have different names, but that’s what I have.

I let loose and was reasonably happy with the result. Tomorrow I will start again! Every exercise is a step closer and the journey is good!

Bush track to Narrawallee Beach-


  1. Anne, I am very much at the beginner level with my watercolor and love your work.
    I am interested in materials and techniques as well as inspiration and motivation behind each artists work.
    This painting is lovely and very successful in telling its story.You used alizarin, ultramarine, and a yellow pure and simple; and you appeared to work on stretched cold press. How big is the painting?,

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    • Hi Holly, thank you for your kind comments :-).
      My journey with watercolour began last year and there is just so much to learn. Every painting or sketch I do is just a possible step closer to what I would like to achieve. Hard to know what’s right or wrong, but I’m happy to share the journey.
      Firstly, having galleries in the past, I was always hoping my paintings would sell (whatever medium used) so, now I am trying to paint for myself not caring if it’s liked or not. That’s quite a mind shift and I need to work on freedom and looseness. It is a bit of catch 22!
      Back to this painting: after I did the initial background wash, I decided to mask out some areas. (I had so many interruptions during the day, I just thought this would help me stay on track).
      Lots of phone calls, things to attend to etc don’t really help the painting process!
      I stuck with my 3 colours and was amazed at just how many colours I created omitting the browns that I would normally use.
      I heard that two of my favourite “Aussie” colours: raw umber and yellow ochre were “mud culprits”, and I really wanted to avoid too much mud.
      After losing a bit of the sky with the tree foliage, I added it back in with a little added white gouache and the ultramarine blue. (I didn’t count the tiny bit of white gouache as a colour)
      And yes, the paper is cold pressed – Fabriano Artistico.
      Thank you for your interest in the process. You have inspired me to write a little more on my posts :-).
      By the way I enjoy following your journey too and the way you write is very real and captivating! 🙂
      Best wishes, Anne x

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