Lake Conjola Painting

I’m happy with it now, but it took me five goes! I love the challenge of watercolours but they really require patience, which doesn’t come naturally to me. It’s challenging working out a  systematic approach that will develop into a picture then finally putting it into practice through the process of layers. Then we’re back to patience waiting for them to   dry before starting the next step!  I really enjoy it and can only hope that my patience will improve over time!




  1. This is a very well done watercolor! I was going through your images the other day and I was taken away how beautiful is the place where you can paint. That is such a blessing for an artist.


    • Thank you for your lovely comment, Inese! I still see things in it, I would have differently, but Ill have to leave it for the next painting. It is so easy to keep on correcting, then in the end messing it all up. Yes, we live in a beautiful place and are thankful for it everyday! 🙂


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