Cuento corto: LA MEDUSA ROJA

Edwin, what an amazing interpretation of the humble gum-blossom! Thank you 🙂 Edwin is an amazing story writer who is inspired by the most humbling things… to see his stories and have them interpreted in to just about any language visit:

Despite being a descendant of one of the most notorious and anecdotal mythology Greek characters, I’m far from being a monster as was Medusa, the daughter of the sea gods, Forcis and Ceto and sister of the terrible and ruthless Esteno and Euryale. Medusa was the only mortal of the three. She was famous for snakes that populated his head, a punishment imposed by the goddess Athena. However, the legends that Medusa was beautiful and just as dangerous to your eyes emitted a blinding light and petrifying their victims.

I however, am other Medusa. My head is full of red eyes when opened show hundreds of beautiful lashes that exude scents without becoming stone. Instead leave you amazed by its smell, shape and color magic. Confess that I have seen, that the rapture takes a few minutes and even if you do not lose the meaning, makes you sweat profusely for seconds of emotion.

I hope that happens to any of my fans cut my eyes to decorate their hats in the upcoming Easter festivities or the floats of the Tournament of Roses traditionally held in Pasadena, California. Be original, you get my beauty unhurt. I am beautiful and harmless.


Red Gum FlowersA pesar de ser descendiente de uno de los personajes griegos más notorios y anecdóticos de la mitología, estoy muy distante de ser un monstruo como lo fue la Medusa, hija de las divinidades marinas, Forcis y Ceto y hermana de las terribles y despiadadas Esteno y Euríale. Medusa era la única mortal de las tres. Fue famosa por las serpientes que poblaban su cabeza, un castigo impuesto por la diosa Atenea. Sin embargo, cuentan las leyendas que Medusa era muy hermosa al igual de peligrosa y sus ojos emitían una luz que cegaba y petrificaba a sus víctimas.

Yo en cambio, soy otro tipo de Medusa. Mi cabeza está llena de ojos rojos que cuando se abren muestran cientos de pestañas hermosas que transpiran aromas sin convertirte en piedra. En cambio te dejan alucinando por su olor, forma y sus colores mágicos. Confiesan los que me han visto, que…

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