Spectacular rays on horizon – not the sun – nor the moon!!!

Does anyone have any idea what this might be?

This was taken this evening at dusk at Mollymook Beach in the south/south-eastern sky. The moon was already up and the sun was setting in the west!!

Mollymok phenomena


  1. Hi Cybele, I am still intrigued – it was as if something below the horizon was lighting up the sky. The sun was setting behind clouds in the opposite sky. There were other people taking photos, so I am hoping, there will be some news in this little town. If there is an answer I will surely post it! And you have seen something similar – maybe you’re right about the spectrum…


  2. Great Photo!
    I have seen this effect here in Florida at sunset as well and someone once explained to me that it is reflected light from the sunset thru areas in the distance that are free of cloud cover. Don’t know if that is correct but it seemed to make sense to me.


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