Paihia and Waitangi Treaty Grounds

The next day we headed off onto the ferry across the Bay of Islands from Russell to Paihia. The water was a mystical emerald green and the sky was laiden with dark grey stormy clouds. The wharf at Paihia was enchanting with its predominantly white architecture.

Sneakers on, we hit the pavement alongside the Bay towards the Waitangi Treaty Grounds. Here we learned a bit of history about the Treaty that was signed in 1840, when the Maori people and the Europeans combined their forces to become one nation. The words of Hobson in 1840 were: “We are now one people”

We hotfooted back to Paihia hoping to miss the rain and enjoyed a beautiful luncheon at “35 Degrees”. Oysters, potato skins, smoked kingfish were just a few of the special treats….yummmmm….

Then back on the Ferry to Russell. Built 70 years ago the “Waitere” or lovingly nicknamed by us as “Little Toot”, it did the voyage with only the two of us on board plus the skipper. The way to go!

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