Straight from the Dash Board at 80km/hr – #2


In the motorhome
All set up …:-)

This has been our third motor-home trip and each time the process of shooting images through the windscreen, windscreen wipers, rain, bugs, stickers, electricity cables, telegraph posts etc got refined a little, to the point that I am now quite happy with the results. It’s still a numbers game with many photos deleted, but its worth the few decent ones, I never would have had, as time didn’t permit a stop.

The first time, I had my Canon G12 on the dashboard itself attached to one of those little mini tripods with its legs tucked in and around a heat-cushion or wheat bag. Not bad, but not good.

The second time, I used a proper tripod with legs on the floor. In order for my husband to still see where he was going and keeping the side rear vision clear, I manouvered the tripod to have its first leg as close to the dashboard as possible, with the other two supporting the setup and a remote shutter attached. Not bad, but there were still reflections that didn’t need to be there.

This was our third trip and I had a plan:

1. A tripod with a ball head for easy adjusting along the way. I found the remote shutter to be compulsory.

2. To avoid reflections I packed a piece of black material to lay across the dashboard. This helped enormously.

3. I used shutter priority between 1/800 – 1/1000, leaving the rest to the camera.
(on our first trip, I used 1/1600, and found I didn’t need as much – thus eliminating extra noise)

4. Having a small camera is best, I used Canon G15 and found that pointing it off the road onto my passenger side gave me best results, even though it could be swung around at times. Keeping the ball-head on the tripod a little loose, I was able to keep one hand on the ball-head and the other on the remote.

5. All I had to do now was keep my eyes open and compose as quickly as I could. With the shutter half pressed after reaching a reasonable exposure, I basically kept focus, then snapped away quickly when the time was right.

6. I think that’s about it! If you haven’t tried this before, give it a go. It’s a lot of fun!

The other gadgets on the windscreen are our sat-nav, helpful most of the time, and an incredibly great NZ Tourism Guide with GPS telling us exactly where we are and giving us interesting stories and facts about where we were. What a terrific invention, with beautiful music in between destination.


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