New Zealand – Straight off the dashboard at 80km/hr

We hardly ever get a trip away and for this reason my husband Laurie plans for months in advance and wants to fit in as much as possible.

Bless his little socks – we do a lot of driving, but he makes sure we get to the nicest of places.

I don’t like to ask him to stop around every corner, which may not be possible anyway, so the next best thing is taking photos straight out
of the motorhome. Normally at approximately 70 – 80 km/hr, sometimes in the rain whilst dodging windscreen wipers, or at least electricity cables, signs, all the stickers and gadgets on the windscreen and all other non-desirables.

I guess the biggest thrill is composing in a hurry avoiding these obstacles and I love this challenge. So, of course I delete a lot, but some are worth keeping.

From past experience I have found a few little tricks that make the experience so much better.

None of these photos have been touched in anyway, not straightened, lightened, brightened or cropped. They are as they are.

Tune in next time if you like, for a few tricks I learned along the way.

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