Mangawhai Heads – Crocodile Rock or not?

I couldn’t waste a minute of our one week’s holiday. I normally can’t get up at sunrise, but I did today. There was a golden sunrise beaming through the Harbour and everything was glistening with a light golden glow.
The tide was out and there was a mass of pippy shells spread out on the beach. Sandpipers and seagulls were foraging for food, and I found star fish, something I had never found before.
Boats were glistening in the early morning sun with a misty scene in the background.
A huge attraction of Mangawhai Heads was its interesting rock formations. I first noticed something interesting on our GPS as we approached the town. There was a thin sliver of land or something coming and going on the sat-nav. We had to find out what it was. There it was – a rocky outcrop with an island at the end of it. Some people call it “Crocodile Rock”. I would like to find out, if this is the correct name or not. If you know, please let me know! Much appreciated.

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