Surreal roses under harsh midday sun

Fresh roses on sand

You would never believe it, if you didn’t see it for yourself. Totally fresh bright orange roses on a beach of sparkling white sand under the harsh heat of midday sun. Wow, I looked at them, took two photos, and moved on. I did not dare touch them, or the photos for that matter. It was as if – they were sacred.

Laurie and I had a weekend away in Vincentia (August 2012) on the South Coast only half an hour away from home. We drove into Jervis bay National Park – Murrays Beach. There wasn’t a soul in sight for as far as the eye could see, only a glimmer of something orange in the shimmering sand – the sublime roses. Oh, and did I mention there were a couple of tracks, as if by a little buggy, but there were no other footprints, imprints or anything else. The theory is perhaps a wedding, but to stay so alive, under the midday heat is a miracle, that’s all I can say…

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