Historic Port Arthur

It was the last day of our 8 day trip around Tasmania. Laurie had been planning our trip for months and Port Athur was on today’s agenda.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I was totally amazed at the history and presentation of Port Arthur. Laurie parked the motorhome on an upper level carpark, and whilst walking towards the entrance, I peered though the trees and saw, what I thought were castles.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t take the guided tour, as again time didn’t permit this luxury, so we headed off and took the tour ourselves. There were plaques all over the place explaining what we were looking at, and the information was extremely informative.

History is very intriguing, and trying to imagine, or put ourselves in the shoes of the folk at the time, was quite intense. I’d love to go back, to see the historic site of Port Arthur properly and also venture off to the Isle of the Dead. This is certainly a must to visit, and if you’re planning a trip to Tassie, I hope you get to see it too!

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