Rural Scenes

Up the East Coast
8/12/13: Driving along the Tasman Highway on the east coast of Tasmania, just near Llandaff, we stopped to take in the view. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to turn off the main road and head off to Freycinet Peninsula and Wine Glass Bay. Well, never mind, we’ll just have to go again. We are on our way though, to Bicheno to stay the night and see the Fairy Penguins. Unfortunately, no photos, as they strictly weren’t allowed. The penguins were gorgeous though. You should have seen them. We watched them come back from their daily activities swimming in the ocean collecting food for their young.
Grazing cows - sepia
Grazing cows just before Chudleigh – “village of roses”


Poppy field and farmhouse
9/12/13: Beautiful Poppy Field, part of a farm I imagine, close to Den Ranges Forest between Bridport and Georgetown in northern Tasmania.
Mole Creek
11/12/13: What a fascinating place this was. Just outside Chudleigh, a place called “Mole Creek”. We stayed at the caravan park with our motorhome. The kind owner said it didn’t matter where we parked on this particular day and we ended up right alongside the creek. Platypus live in this creek, and we waited and watched, but nothing happened. They are there though!
Laurie and Anne at Mole Creek
And there we were, sitting by the creek, with a camp fire waiting for platypus to emerge. Didn’t happen, though the task was nothing to complain about!
Paradise Rainforest
Just off Union Bridge Rd we found a resting spot and it revealed beautiful golden waters of the rainforest around us. We called it Paradise, but, no, Paradise was yet to come!
Beautiful Poppy Fields
1/12/13: What an awesome Poppy Field this one was, or should I say, rolling hills of poppies. Just outside of a place appropriately called Paradise on our way to Sheffield.


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