Colour versus mud

My goal through my painting today was to keep my colour as clean as I could, although I still like a vast range of greys which inadvertently could be called mud. It’s hard to know! I kept my palette to a minimum with 3 colours: cobalt, pure yellow and alizarin crimson with a touch of white gouache when needed.

I decided to eliminate the masking fluid on this occasion, as I find it leaves harsh edges, all of which need some softening later on. Anyway, every painting is a different exercise, so I have decided to be happy with today’s achievement and move on to the next.

Thru reserve to Narrawallee Beach-

Outlook across beach through Narrawallee Bush Reserve – Watercolour – Arches 300gsm approx 10″x 14″ (25 x 35cm)

Back to basics

I find it so easy to get wrapped up in my “painting straight-jacket”. Then all of a sudden I’ll decide to strip it off and actually enjoy the process of creating and painting again. It’s as though I feel I need to please, but then who am I pleasing, if not myself?

So, it took it back to basics this morning and decided to start with colour wheels. I did several colour wheels, then decided to start a painting with a selection of alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue and pure yellow. Different brands have different names, but that’s what I have.

I let loose and was reasonably happy with the result. Tomorrow I will start again! Every exercise is a step closer and the journey is good!

Bush track to Narrawallee Beach-

Rockpool watercolour sketch

The beautifully clear water and amazing rock formations in and around the Bogey Hole inspired me to do this watercolour sketch. The rocks were moulded with a palette knife, which I find to be a magic technique for such organic rock shapes.


Morning Light – Mollymook Beach

Another little practice before I plunge into a bigger one. Taken from photos I took a few days ago at about 7:30am at Molymook Beach. The waves were so beautiful and watching those surfers make the most of these waves was yet another story. I repositioned my self a few times until I kneeled in the sand close to the surf and got drenched by a wave – the joys of capturing those perfect moments!



Finally I am stripping myself of the straight-jacket I’ve been wearing for years ! I used to think, that I had to put a lot into a painting, to make it worth something, only to realise that the more spontaneous and free it was, the better it would be. It’s quite a paradigm shift to say the least! This little sketch was painted in less than 10 minutes and I was reluctant to post it, as I thought I hadn’t put enough into it. But in order to make the shift it’s exactly what I had to do!  Here’s to new beginnings!


Hopefully a bit looser

Watercolour is so intensly challenging! Well, for me it is – I am trying so hard to become looser, as I understand the beauty of watercolour is in its simplicity! But I am enjoying the journey, as I realise that every “fail” is just one step closer!